Jane Boleyn – Condemner of Queens – Part 1

Jane Parker, who was a distant cousin of King Henry VIII, came from a wealthy, well-connected, politically active and respected family and through an arranged marriage, became the wife of George Boleyn. George was best friends with the sexually insatiable King Henry who would one day actively pursue a pretty young girl called Anne, who […]

Sin Eaters & other macabre events – Part 2

So with the multitude of people dying, Sin Eaters could pick and choose whose funeral feast they wish to partake in and understandably they probably selected the more affluent for a better quality bread and grog However, with all the imbibing going on at the cemetery and unless the grieving family wanted an inebriated Sin […]

Ching Shih – From Prostitute to Pirate

Part 2 Zheng Yi and Madame Shih ruled through a “Confederation” which meant that there was not one pirate captain that dominated the other pirates but one could “lead” them on the condition that other pirates agreed and collectively they were so fearsome that they were known as “The wasps of the Sea” For their […]

Ching Shih – From Prostitute to Pirate

Part 1 Female pirates were raiding and pillaging in huge numbers on the seven seas predominantly from the thirteen hundreds with memorable women such as Anne Bonny, Jeanne de Clisson and Jacquotte Delahaye leading the way but there was one woman who reigned above them all Madame Shih, as she was originally known*, was born […]

Memento Mori – Remember your Mortality

Part 1 While most of us shy away from contemplating our inevitable death in fear of alerting the scythe-carrying, all-dressed-in-trendy-black foot soldier, many ancient and medieval communities embraced and reflected deeply upon death. Not because they were macabre or Emo-like, but because they were realists and profoundly religious and therefore very much able and willing […]